Midwest Inkjet 9mil Vivid Backlit Matte


SKU: 8VBM36 Midwest Inkjet

Compatibility: Aqueous, Latex, UV

With the perfect blend of rigidity and flexibility for easy handling, as well as a matte porous top coat that allows for heavy ink saturation and deep, dense blacks - the Midwest Inkjet 9mil Vivid Backlit Matte will provide your customer with a bright, vivid image on any aqueous professional printer. Combine that with quick dry-times and complete water-resistance, this backlit can be used both indoors and outdoors with excellent results.


• Front Print, Front View Backlit
• High Image Resolution
• Vivid Color and Deep Black Density

• Non-Glare Matte Water Resistant Finish


• Display and Boxes
• Backlit Trade Show Displays

• Lightbox Graphics n Kiosks