PrintTac™ Wall Fabric by Midwest Inkjet


SKU: PRINTTAC24 Midwest Inkjet

Compatibility: Aqueous, Latex and UV

Easy to put up and easy to take down, PrintTac™ Wall Fabric for Aqueous, Latex and UV printing can be applied to a variety of surfaces without bunching or bubbling in one easy step, and will not stretch out! Put it on walls, windows or floors knowing PrintTac™ Wall Fabric is scratch resistant and extremely durable - as well as ASTM rated for slip-resistance.

The adhesive on PrintTac™ Wall Fabric is slightly more aggressive than your standard wall fabric, giving you peace of mind that it won't fall or curl when hit with air conditioning, while still allowing for easy, clean removal when you're ready for a change.

• Water-Resistant
• Stronger Adhesive

• Durable & Scratch-Resistant

• Interior Walls
• Contour Cut Characters

• Short-Term Floor Graphics