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STS Inks features HP ink replacement products that do not compromise on quality. All HP replacement inks are manufactured to produce a nearly indistinguishable color match to the OEM. Whether you’re shopping for aqueous or latex ink, you’ll soon learn why STS Inks is considered to be a world leader in HP ink replacement.

STS ultra premium ink is Made in the USA for outstanding quality and performance you can count on - STS Inks Warranty.

HP 610 Latex Ink Replacement Bags 3000mL (L65500/LX600/LX800)
HP 761 Replacement Ink 400mL
HP 771 Replacement Ink (775mL): Z6200 / 6800
HP 773 Replacement Ink (775mL): Z6200 / Z6800
HP 789 Latex Inks Replacement Cartridge 775mL (L25500)
HP 790 Ink Replacement Cartridge 1000mL (9000/10000)
HP 792 Latex Replacement Ink 775mL
HP 81 Dye Ink Replacement Cartridge 680mL (HP5000/5500/5800)
HP 83 UV Ink Replacement Cartridge 680mL (HP5000/5500)
HP 831 Latex Replacement Ink 775mL
HP 90 Inks Replacement Ink 400mL
HP 91 Replacement Ink 775mL