Epson UltraChrome XD3 Ink



*Compatible with the Epson SureColor T7770D, T7770DM, T5770DR, T5770DM, T3770E, T3770DE, T3770DR

6-color pigment based ink set with Red for Vibrant Color Graphics

Designed for Engineering and Scientific Applications, Epson® UltraChrome XD3 Ink delivers vibrant color maps, signs and graphics. Featuring 6 colors, including and an all-new gamut-expanding Red ink, ideal for everything from everyday technical drawings to color accurate indoor signs, graphics and renderings. Water, smudge and fade resistant, this innovative ink set produces durable, long-lasting prints.

Available in high-capacity 110 mL, 350 mL and 700 mL ink cartridges, reducing the need for frequent changes.

  • Designed for Engineering and Scientific Applications - Optimized for precise, accurate lines and detail
  • Includes all-new Red ink – high color saturation ideal for GIS Maps, signage, graphics and photographic renderings for accurate and vibrant colors
  • Water, smudge and fade resistant – for durable, long-lasting prints for use in virtually any environment
  • Photo and Matte Black Inks – With matte black inks optimized for plain paper, print on a wide variety of glossy, technical, and specialty medias
  • High-Capacity Ink Cartridges - Available in 110 mL, 350 mL and 700 mL ink cartridges, reducing need for frequent changes