Dreamscape Ravello Wall + Floor Wrap


SKU: DS-RAVELLO-15RFR-54-25 Roysons

DreamScape Ravello Wall + Floor Wrap is a revolutionary wall and floor graphic material with self adhesive backing.

Ravello is a thick 13 mil vinyl, weighing 15oz with a textured surface that has many advantages over other thin films.  The gritty Ravello texure is slip resistant and also certified for use on floors.

Suitable for wall graphics, floor graphics, and counters!

This product has superior durability and will not stretch during installation.   Ravello has an aggressive adhesive that is repositionable, reusable, and is recommended for short to mid term projects.  ( for permanent or long term precision matched wall graphics,  we recommend using our normal fabric backed wallcovering products which are applied with commercial adhesives and are 100% dimensionally stable).

WallWrap has been tested on painted & primed drywall, metal, glass, wood panelling, composite surfaces – and will work reliably on most smooth clean surfaces.