WallStar® Digital Spray & Up Matte 150 Pre-Pasted Wallcovering



*Pricing equates to $0.59 sq ft or $392 per roll.

WallStar® Digital Spray & Up Matte 150 is a high-quality PVC-free, non-woven wallcovering with smooth ultra-matte surface. This material is pre-pasted for quick, easy and clean decoration. It guarantees excellent printing results with latex and UV technologies.

WallStar® Digital Spray & Up is quick, easy and clean to use: no additional adhesive or specialist tools are required, just water and a spray bottle.

Simply spray the back with water, apply the material to the wall and the job is done. Application time is reduced by up to 60% plus cleaning is much easier and faster than with traditional wallpapers. And when it's time for a change just wet the wallpaper with a sponge, let it sit for a few minutes to soak through, then grab it by the corner and remove in one piece.

WallStar® Digital Spray & Up are HP latex qualified, PVC free, and deliver unique 3D structures, opening new opportunities for unique design with textured and fibrous looks. WallStar® Digital Spray & Up helps HP digital printers deliver personalized images for consumers, as well as creating a new decorating experience for everyone.

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