Dietzgen 772 Inkjet 20# Vellum


SKU: 772365 Dietzgen

Compatibility: Aqueous, Latex

The 772 Inkjet 20# Vellum is an everyday “universal” vellum made from 100% cotton fiber base. The 772 Inkjet 20# Vellum provides excellent ink adhesion, print quality, line acuity and image clarity across multiple print technologies as well as exceptional strength and durability for repeated handling. The 772 Vellum can be used to create high quality, archival intermediates that will not yellow or fade with time or due to ozone exposure.

Features & Benefits
• High transparency
• Recyclable, Biodegradable
• Good durability
• Good print performance and toner / ink adhesion
• Good line acuity and Image sharpness
• Good black density

• Smooth matte finish