Innova Supernova Chrome Dye Sublimation Receptive PET Film


SKU: ISN-160-8511-50 Innova

Create stunning large format Cibachrome style displays using the dye-sublimation processes. Available in sheet and roll formats, Innova Supernova Chrome can be sublimated using a flatbed or calendar heat press. 

Ideal for display in galleries and exhibitions, prints produced on Innova Supernova Chrome will have vibrant colours, dense blacks and make such an impact that your collectors can’t help but come back for more. Each image produced is encased into the surface of the film, creating scratch resistant prints resilient to chemicals, making cleaning a breeze.

The flexible surface of Innova Supernova Chrome enables installation in a wide variety of locations – mount on solid surface for a traditional ‘picture’ feel or wrap around architectural features. 

Download Innova Supernova Chrome DataSheet
Download Innova Supernova Chrome Sublimation Process Guide