That Printer Can Do More Than Just Print Big Posters!

That Printer Can Do More Than Just Print Big Posters!

Did you buy a large format Epson, Canon or HP aqueous printer for something specific like poster or canvas printing, but aren't quite sure what else you can do with it? Today’s aqueous printers can do so much more than they ever could before so we’ve put together a quick overview of media solutions to show you just what your aqueous printer is capable of – and this is just scratching the surface!

Décor Printing – Probably the most common reason for large format aqueous printer purchases are traditional décor applications such as canvas reproductions using OBA-Free Midwest Inkjet Atelier Canvas Matte 420g and Canvas Gloss 420g and creating museum-style gallery wraps with Hahnemühle Stretcher Bars - or photographic prints using Midwest Inkjet Atelier Photo Luster Paper 290g or Midwest Inkjet Professional Photo Satin Paper 260g and Photo Gloss Paper 260g. However, if you want to add a more artistic feel to that photograph or art reproduction, or create custom pillows, lampshades, window dressings and more, consider one of the many beautiful fabrics from Jacquard Fabric Systems – some of which are even machine washable! Lastly, don’t just put that image ON the wall, make it THE wall with a full wall mural using Midwest Inkjet PrintTac Wall Fabric – a removable adhesive-backed fabric that is repositionable over and over, will stay up indefinitely and will not damage the paint or leave a residue when it’s time to remove it.

Indoor Signage – When you walk in the mall or into a store, think of all of the ways ads and sales are being displayed – all of which can be done on aqueous printers. Hanging display graphics in store front windows using Midwest Inkjet Production Satin Poster Paper 200g, or with a display fabric like Midwest Inkjet Display Fabric WR, is eye catching and economical. Create portable banner stand displays for stores, schools, museums and more by combining Midwest Inkjet Blockout Display Film and the Blade Lite 920 retractable banner stand – both in a 36” width. Another type of indoor signage that aqueous printers excel at are backlit displays for movie theaters, menu boards, window displays, etc by printing to Midwest Inkjet 8mil Vivid Backlit Matte or Vivid Backlit Gloss.

Outdoor Signage – With the capabilities and water-fastness of today’s inkjet coatings, along with pigmented ink technology, aqueous printers can produce a variety of outdoor signage that can last 6 months or more*. Midwest Inkjet 15mil Durable Scrim Vinyl Banner WR is absolutely our most popular product for outdoor graphics when you need them to last at least 6 months in the wind and rain. For shorter-term banners where you don’t need the strength of a scrim for longevity, like a weekend golf event, the Midwest Inkjet 8mil Stay-Flat Polypropylene Blockout will save you money while still providing water-resistance to the elements. And for those times that you need to mount your outdoor graphic to a window, sandwich board or other hard surface, the Midwest Inkjet 6mil Adhesive Premium Vinyl WR can be used for permanent situations and the Midwest Inkjet 6mil Premium Removable Matte Vinyl WR for when you need to be able to remove it. Lastly, take store front window graphics to the next level with Midwest Inkjet 70/30 Perforated Window Vinyl with Removable PSA.

As you can see, the capabilities of today’s large format aqueous printers from Epson, Canon and HP can produce a wide variety of graphics for both indoor and outdoor use. If you would like to learn more about your printer’s capabilities and how Midwest Inkjet materials can help grow your business, call us today at (952) 222-0299 or send us an email at

*Outdoor print longevity will depend on a variety of factors; Ink, media, and geographic location of graphic.

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