One Product for Multiple Applications!

One Product for Multiple Applications!

Designed to be used for multiple applications so you can stock less material, Midwest Inkjet 10mil Stay-Flat Polypropylene WR is now available and shipping. This thicker version of our popular 8 mil Stay Flay Polypropylene WR is heavier so it’s easier to print to, handle, and stack.

Midwest Inkjet 10mil Stay-Flat Polypropylene WR is the perfect solution for multiple applications like banner stands, long-term indoor or short-term outdoor banners, water-resistant posters and other point of sale applications - eliminating the need for you to stock multiple types of media. The durable, tear-resistant material is also an excellent alternative to paper and comes in many standard sizes.

To learn more about 10mil Stay-Flat Polypropylene WR contact Midwest Inkjet at 952-222-0299.

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