Epson SureColor® Cartridge Transition and Necessary Firmware Update

Epson SureColor® Cartridge Transition and Necessary Firmware Update

Epson SureColor® P6000, P7000, P8000, P9000 Ink Cartridge Transition and Necessary Firmware Update

Due to the continuing chip shortage, UltraChrome® HD and HDX ink cartridges of all sizes will transition to a different design with new part numbers starting June 1, 2023.

This change affects the SureColor P6000, P7000, P8000, and P9000 printers worldwide. To use these new cartridges, the printers require new firmware BEFORE installing the new cartridges in the printer or running out of ink when using the current cartridges. For that reason, it is critical that all customers update their printers to the latest firmware (available at as soon as possible.

There is no chemical or formula difference between the old and new inks. The current ink cartridges have a chip that notifies the printer there is no more ink remaining in the cartridge. The new ink cartridges will operate without that chip. Ink levels will instead be determined by an accurate droplet count done by the printer. This measurement method may lead to an earlier indication of low ink levels. To compensate for this, Epson America is lowering the end user purchase price.

Firmware update:

Model Minimum Firmware (January 2023) or later
Epson SureColor P6000 Designer Edition NN031MA
Epson SureColor P6000 Standard Edition NN031MA
Epson SureColor P7000 Standard Edition LN031MA
Epson SureColor P7000 Commercial Edition LN031MA
Epson SureColor P8000 Designer Edition NW031MA
Epson SureColor P8000 Standard Edition NW031MA
Epson SureColor P9000 Commercial Edition LW031MA
Epson SureColor P9000 Standard Edition



Affected UltraChrome HD/HDX Ink Cartridges:

HD/HDX Ink Color
150 ML 350 ML 700 ML
Current SKU New SKU Current SKU New SKU Current SKU New SKU
ULTRACHROME HD PHOTO BLACK T834100 T54V100 T824100 T54X100 T804100 T55K100
ULTRACHROME HD CYAN T834200 T54V200 T824200 T54X200 T804200 T55K200
ULTRACHROME HD VIVID MAGENTA T834300 T54V300 T824300 T54X300 T804300 T55K300
ULTRACHROME HD YELLOW T834400 T54V400 T824400 T54X400 T804400 T55K400
ULTRACHROME HD LIGHT CYAN T834500 T54V500 T824500 T54X500 T804500 T55K500
ULTRACHROME HD LIGHT MAGENTA T834600 T54V600 T824600 T54X600 T804600 T55K600
ULTRACHROME HD LIGHT BLACK T834700 T54V700 T824700 T54X700 T804700 T55K700
ULTRACHROME HD MATTE BLACK T834800 T54V800 T824800 T54X800 T804800 T55K800
ULTRACHROME HD LIGHT LIGHT BLACK T834900 T54V900 T824900 T54X900 T804900 T55K900
ULTRACHROME HDX ORANGE T834A00 T54VA00 T824A00 T54XA00 T804A00 T55KA00
ULTRACHROME HDX GREEN T834B00 T54VB00 T824B00 T54XB00 T804B00 T55KB00
ULTRACHROME HDX VIOLET T834D00 T54VD00 T824D00 T54XD00 T804D00 T55KD00


For information on which cartridges are effected, and instructions to update your firmware, visit

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