RoadSharK 200XFG


SKU: SW200XFG-24 Kernow North America

The NEW KernowJet RoadSharK 200XFG is a textured multi-core film with high conformability and optimized pressure sensitive adhesive for exterior floor signage applications. 

With a more aggressive texture surface, KernowJet RoadSharK 200XFG is perfect for outdoor applications on concrete paving, bitumen, brickwork and asphalt or uneven surfaces for up to 3 to 6 month’s exterior durability (dependent on footfall and surface).

Benefits include:

  • Suitable for low slip potential in dry and wet conditions
  • Suitable for solvent and latex ink
  • RoadSharK helps reduce print production by half with no lamination required, the ideal solution to take social distancing to an outdoor environment.