PrestoTex 10mil


SKU: 650-30 PrestoTape

Premium Quality Print Media: Colors print bright and rich on PrestoTex-10.


PrestoTex 10 is a 10mil white polyester fabric backed with removable and repositionable adhesive. The material adheres to virtually any non-porous surface and removes without peeling paint, leaving residue, or damaging walls. This repositionable, adhesive-backed wallcovering has the same easy-release microsphere adhesive as the PrestoTex 7mil.

PrestoTex 10 is a premium quality print media. Here are a few of the perks:

  • Its substrate and patented high-quality microsphere adhesive set it apart from similar products.
  • The thickness of the material covers imperfections, offers better opacity, and allows for easy installation.
  • The exclusive microsphere adhesive allows for easy removal and repositioning again and again. The adhesive won’t damage walls, leave residue, or peel paint.

PrestoTex 10 wallcovering comes with the ‘Clean Cut Guarantee’ that makes short and easy work of decals or precision cuts. PrestoTex 10 does does not rip, wrinkle, shrink, or curl!

PrestoTex is PVC free, phthalate free, lead free and made in the USA.