9mil Hybrid Textured Satin Blockout Film


SKU: QM-SUBRG-36 Que Media

The 9mil Hybrid Textured Satin Blockout Film has a rich, anti-glare texture that is durable and finger print resistant. The dark gray back will keep your images bright with no wash-out, and won't allow any shadowing from light sources that may come from behind. Designed to lay-flat, this hybrid film is a cost effective option over PET film and is the perfect, cost-effective solution for your banner stand applications.

Dark Gray Back for Blockout
Scratch Resistant
Anti-Glare Textured Finish
Excellent Stay-Flat Properties

Roll-Up Banners
Indoor/Outdoor Signage

Surface Finish Satin, Textured
Base Material Hybrid Film
Base Weight 300 gsm
Caliper 9 mil
Brightness 91 (ISO Blue Whiteness)
Whiteness 123 (CIE Ganz)
Gloss Level
8 +/- 10% by angle of 60°
Opacity 100
Core 3"
Compatibility Solvent, Latex, UV Curable