Fabrique Lite


SKU: QM-PFL-36 Que Media

This versatile ultra light 100% polyester fabric can be used for many different applications. With a consistent, tight weave pattern, Fabrique Lite has the special ability to resist feed bunching. Fabrique Lite can easily be recycled, making it an eco-friendly printing solution.

100% Polyester
150 x 150 Denier
Matte Finish n Recyclable

Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Flags
Decorative POS/POP Displays
Roll-Up Banners
Soft Signage

Surface Finish  Matte
Fabric Weave 150x150D
Base Material Polyester
Base Weight 147 gsm +/- 10%
Caliper 8mil
Brightness 96 (ISO Blue Whiteness)
Whiteness 120 (CIE Ganz)
Gloss Level +/- 10% by angle of 60°
Opacity 80
3” Core with 2” Adapter
Aqueous, Latex, UV Curable