DryTac MHL Low Temperature Gloss Laminate 3mil


SKU: MGD25503 DryTac

The MHL Low Temperature Gloss Laminate 3mil is a high clarity, abrasion-resistant PET thermal laminating film with a low melt-point adhesive designed for high-speed single- and double-sided lamination. This overlaminate is specifically engineered with UV inhibitors to reduce image fading and protect against moisture. Its low sealing temperature preserves inks in digitally printed graphics, which can deteriorate at high temperatures. The film is resistant to water, oil, acid, and alkali and can be die cut. A 3 mil, 5 mil and 10 mil version are available.

Film Thickness: 3 mil
Film/Adhesive Ratio: 1:2
Processing Temperature: 185°F to 195°F (85°C to 91°C)
Shelf Life: 1 year
Storage Conditions: 59˚F to 72˚F (15˚C to 22˚C); 50 - 55% Relative Humidity