4.5mil Everyday Gloss Adhesive Vinyl SUV


SKU: QM-SGV-30 Que Media

SGV is your best option for everyday use. It’s bright white surface provides the best color graphics and it’s improved double-side PE coated liner makes for easy installations. The solvent acrylic adhesive provides longer term adhesion. This product is sure to be your go-to for most mounted jobs.

• Bright White
• High Gloss
• Easy Application

Surface Finish: Gloss
Base Material: PVC
Adhesive: Clear Solvent-Acrylic PSA
Weight: 165g
Thickness: 4.5 mil
Brightness: 96 (ISO Blue Whiteness)
Whiteness: 150 (CIE Ganz)
Opacity: 95
Gloss Level: 28 +/- 10% by angle of 60°
Core: 3"
Compatibility: Solvent, Latex, UV