Three Ways To Help You Get That New Canon PRO-Series Printer This Year!

Midwest Inkjet and Canon USA have three ways to help you bring home that new Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-Series printer this holiday season!

1. What is Section 179?
Section 179 allows businesses who finance to write off full equipment costs in the year they buy it rather than capitalizing costs over the useful life of the equipment and waiting years to receive deductions.
How it Works!
Say you bought a $5,000 piece of equipment for your business. Under normal depreciation rules, you would only receive a portion of the cost in deductions each year over its useful life. Now, under Section 179, you can deduct the entire $5,000 from your net income in the first year you own it. So, assuming a 35% tax bracket, you will have a tax savings of $1,750, meaning a lowered cost of equipment to 3,200!
**Make sure you talk to your accountant to see if you qualify.
2. Canon Rebates:
Instant Rebate  
PRO-4100  = $500
End User PRO Series Mail-In Rebate:
PRO-2100 = $300
PRO-4100 = $800
PRO-6100 = $ 1,000
3. 0% Financing:
0% financing for 12, 24 and 36 months on new Canon Large Format imagePROGRAF Printers through Canon USA.

If you have any questions, or would like a quote on one of the Canon PRO-Series printers, just let us know. We're here to help!

Happy Holidays!