KlearWipe Hard-Coat Dry-Erase Lamination Film


SKU: W075KCDE-60 Kernow North America

Dry Erase surfaces can be found in every office, every school, most restaurants… basically everywhere. Most of them are covered with ghost writings, never to be removed. With KernowJet KlearWipe, there’s finally the perfect solution for long term dry-erase surfaces, for happy sign makers, printers and end-users. KernowJet KlearWipe is a clear, PVC-free dry-erase lamination film. It can be manually wet applied or mechanically laminated. It’s thickness of 3mil and stiffness makes it easier to apply than any other dry-erase laminate. Highly transparent and with a specially designed permanent adhesive it is perfect for laminating to all kind of prints, and especially UV-cured inks.

The film has been tested with an extensive range of water-based, solvent and acetone-based markers. End-users will love the benefits: KernowJet KlearWipe passed the tests with all pens: no pearling of the inks when writing, perfect erasability whether it be immediate erasing or after long-term writing and no ghosting, even when used with permanent markers. It will turn every smooth surface into a dry-erase board, not only white or printed substrates, but also colored, metallic or blackboards with absolutely no silvering. KlearWipe’s surface won’t get damaged when cleaned with solvents or IPA. As the most scratch resistant dry erase film in the industry and being compliant with the EN Standards: EN71-3: 2013 – required for the safety of toys – the film is suitable for hospitals or nursery walls as well as kids furniture, toys and so much more.