One Product for Multiple Applications!

One Product for Multiple Applications!

Designed to be used for multiple applications so you can stock less material, Midwest Inkjet 10mil Stay-Flat Polypropylene WR is now available and shipping. This thicker version of our popular 8 mil Stay Flay Polypropylene WR is heavier so it’s easier to print to, handle, and stack.

Midwest Inkjet 10mil Stay-Flat Polypropylene WR is the perfect solution for multiple applications like banner stands, long-term indoor or short-term outdoor banners, water-resistant posters and other point of sale applications - eliminating the need for you to stock multiple types of media. The durable, tear-resistant material is also an excellent alternative to paper and comes in many standard sizes.

Call Midwest Inkjet today for more information or order online with code NEWPOLY and receive 20% OFF through Nov 30th!

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